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Informacje praktyczne w języku polskim: (PDF)

Aborcja Medyczna: Co każdy powinien wiedzieć.


Information about Abortion in the Netherlands:

ANA works mostly with three clinics in and around Amsterdam: the Abortuskliniek Amsterdam, the Beahuis & Bloemenhovekliniek and the Vrelinghuis.

If you need (financial) help, email ANA before making an appointment.

Below you’ll find a list of all abortion clinics in the Netherlands.

Dutch Abortion Clinics

City Clinic name Abortions performed up to Website
Almere Abortuskliniek Almere Week 12
Amsterdam Stichting Abortuskliniek Amsterdam Week 18
Amsterdam* Women on Waves Amsterdam Week 9
Arnhem Mildred Week 18
Den Bosch** Mildred Week 9
Den Bosch Vrouwen Medisch Centrum Week 12
Den Haag Abortuskliniek Den Haag Week 12 http://https//
Eindhoven Mildred Week 18
Enschede Emmakliniek Week 12
Goes ZEAZ Week 12
Groningen Stimezo/CSGNN Week 12
Heemstede Beahuis & Bloemenhovekliniek Week 22
Roermond Gynaikon Klinieken Week 18
Rotterdam Gynaikon Klinieken Week 18
Utrecht Vrelinghuis Week 22
Zwolle Stimezo Zwolle Week 12

*the Women on Waves clinic provides medical abortions only. You can go here even if you are not insured and/or not a citizen of the Netherlands
**the Mildred clinic Den Bosch is located in a health center. It is only open on Saturdays and provides medical abortions only.

Abortion clinics which specialize in second trimester abortions (up to 22 weeks)

Address: Biltstraat 397-423, 3572 AV Utrecht
Telephone: +3130-2333542

Beahuis & Bloemenhovekliniek
Address: Herenweg 211-215, 2106 MJ Heemstede
Telephone: +3123-5289890

Practical Information for Procedures

If you need help making an appointment, we can call the clinic for you.
We will need the following information from you when scheduling an abortion:

    • Your full name
    • Your date of birth
    • Your height and weight
    • A copy of an ultrasound or a doctor’s note confirming your pregnancy. You can also send us the date of the ultrasound and the following values on the ultrasound: BPD and FL
    • The first day of your last period*
    • Whether you have a European Health Insurance Card or can get one
    • Any allergies you have
    • Any medication you take
    • Whether you are otherwise healthy
    • Do you already have children?
    • Does anyone else know about your situation?

*The pregnancy term is counted in weeks starting from the first day of your last period – the earliest you will find out you are pregnant is usually around 5 weeks from this date.

Termination Methods

5* – 8 weeks Abortion Pill
procedure: at clinic – 1 oral tablet (Mifegyne) that blocks proceeding pregnancy
2 days later – 4x vaginal tablet (Misoprostol) that causes cramping*5 day consideration time not needed if within 45 days after last menstruation. (= up to 6 weeks + 2 days pregnant)
5 – 12 weeks Vacuum curettage
anesthesia: local (injections) or light sedation
duration procedure: 5-10 mins
total time at clinic: 5 hours
13 – 17 weeks Instrumental abortion
anesthesia: local (injections) or general sedation
duration procedure: 10-20 mins
total time at clinic: 6 hours
18 – 22 weeks Instrumental abortion
anesthesia: always general sedation
duration procedure: 15-25 mins
total time at clinic: 8-10 hours


During your appointment the following procedures will be performed:

Before curettage

        • An ultrasound (to determine term of pregnancy)
        • Blood type testing (ABO -/+)
        • Misoprostol tablets, administered a few hours before procedure (to prime cervix)
        • Anti-D injection if you are more than 8 weeks pregnant (may differ per clinic) and have an Rh negative blood type.

After curettage

        • Medication: painkillers (paracetamol + ibuprofen/naproxen) and antibiotics (azitromycin)


If you have had an abortion please go to doctor if you experience a substantial increase of any of the following: pain, vaginal blood loss, abnormal discharge or fever, or bleeding for longer than 6 days.

If your doctor cannot know that you have had an abortion, tell them that you have had a spontaneous miscarriage; they cannot tell the difference by story/symptoms.

Expect your next menstruation 4-6 weeks after treatment.


More questions?

For more details see our FAQ page. If your question is not answered there or you need ANA’s help, send us an email.