Practical Information


Informacje praktyczne w języku polskim: (PDF)

Aborcja Medyczna: Co każdy powinien wiedzieć.


Information about Abortion in The Netherlands:

Dutch Abortion Clinics

Almere Abortus kliniek Almer
Amsterdam Stichting Abortus Amsterdam
Arnhem Mildred
Eindhoven Mildred
Enschede Emmakliniek
Groningen CSGNN
Heemstede Beahuis & Bloemenhovekliniek
Roermond Gynaikon Klinieken
Rotterdam Gynaikon Klinieken
Utrecht Vrelinghuis
Zwolle Stimenzo Zwolle

Abortion clinics which specialize in second trimester abortions (Up to 22 weeks.)

Address: Biltstraat 397-423, 3572 AV Utrecht
Telephone: +3130-2333542

Beahuis & Bloemenhovekliniek
Address: Herenweg 211-215, 2106 MJ Heemstede
Telephone: +3123-5289890

Practical Information for Procedures

We will need the following information from you when scheduling an abortion:

    • Your full name
    • Your date of birth
    • Your height + weight
    • The first day of your last period*
    • A copy of an ultra sound
    • In some cases, proof that you have been aware of your pregnancy 5 days prior to the appointment
    • Information on medication you may be on
    • Your Allergies
    • Whether you are otherwise healthy
    • Some clinics ask for European Health Insurance

*The pregnancy term is counted in weeks starting from the first day of your last period – the earliest you will find out you are pregnant is usually around 5 weeks from this date.

Termination Methods

5* – 8 weeks Abortion Pill
procedure: at clinic – 1 oral tablet (Mifegyne) that blocks proceeding pregnancy
2 days later – 4x vaginal tablet (Misoprostol) that causes cramping

*5 day consideration time not needed if within 45 days after last menstruation. (= up to 6 weeks + 2 days pregnant)
5 – 12 weeks Vacuum curettage
anesthesia: local (injections) or light sedation
duration procedure: 5-10 mins
total time at clinic: 5 hours
13 – 17 weeks Instrumental abortion
anesthesia: local (injections) or general sedation
duration procedure: 10-20 mins
total time at clinic: 6 hours
18 – 22 weeks Instrumental abortion
anesthesia: always general sedation
duration procedure: 15-25 mins
total time at clinic: 8-10 hours


During your appointment the following procedures will be performed:

Before curettage

        • An ultrasound (to determine term of pregnancy)
        • Blood type testing (ABO -/+)
        • Misoprostol tablets, administered a few hours before procedure (to prime cervix)
        • Anti-D injection if you are less than 8 weeks pregnancy and have an Rh negative blood type.

After curettage

        • Medication: painkillers (paracetamol + ibuprofen/naproxen) and antibiotics (azitromycin)

After Care

If you have had an abortion please go to doctor if you experience a substantial increase of any of the following: pain, vaginal blood loss, abnormal discharge or fever, or bleeding for longer than 6 days.

If your doctor cannot know that you have had an abortion, tell them that you have had a spontaneous miscarriage; they cannot tell the difference by story/symptoms.

Expect your next menstruation 4-6 weeks after treatment.